Monday, March 31, 2014

Genesis 48: In Writing

At the end of long, twisted road
from the place it began
the dreams that fell
heavy in my palm
slip-slid between my fingers
to the ground

The prayers I prayed
oaths I oathed
doors I closed
naked nights spread on the earth
sights seen and unseen

The unexpected that sprang to greet me
on the lone plane of between
she died on me
earth spreading before, below and after

I had no faith to see your face
now I find you budding beneath me
round, heavy, sprouting
springing through my fingers

To see your face
I found no faith
Now I see your future
Flittering through the deeps

In flashes of flame 


All the visions
lonely dreams
beneath  bare skies
all the fell into my hand
and trickled from it

What was born,
and bears
birthed in pain and shame
I call by name

Bury the loss
in the weeping moss
along the littered road
with darkening eyes
that can no longer see day

Shepherding the dark
she comes with the sheep
I throw my clenched blessing
into the fish-haunted deeps

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