Saturday, November 25, 2017

Joshua 12: In Writing

There was day, and then there was night.
Opened my eyes to the baby’s cries, one
Picked her up, one
Made coffee, one, and drank it, one
Tried to put her down. When she screamed, picked her up again, one.
Washed the dishes, one
Swept the floor, one,
Sat down to work, one
Wrote one page, one,
Wrote one poem, one
Picked up the baby, one
Took her for a walk, one
Noticed the sun, one
Saw the light glint through the rain, one
Warmed up a sweet potato, one
Made rice, once
Fed the baby, one
Washed her face and hands, one
Rubbed down the hi-chair, one
Read her a book, one,
Sang Mr. Sun, one
Sang Rise and Shine, one
Turned on the boiler, one
Filled up the tub, one
Rubbed her tummy with soap, one,
Blew four bubbles, one
Wrapped her in a towel, one
Put on a diaper, one
Dressed her in a stretchy, one
Read the Going to Bed book, one
Prepare a bottle with two scoops of Materna, one
Covered her with a blanket, one
Made coffee, one
Got up to calm the baby, one
Found the pacifier, one
Helped her lie back down, one
Rubbed her back, one
Put milk in the coffee, one.
Gave her a pacifier, one
Drank a cold sip, one

Alogether 40 acts. 
How do you account for a day?

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