Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Deuteronomy 33: In Writing

These are the words...
After all has been said
factored and seen
loosen the strands
and watch them rectangle

speak watching and wondering
watering a seed
and whispering Grow

language of letting go
ceasing to mold
the world with word
speaking the words
between now and later

Listen to my speech
turn to blessing
turn to prayer.

May we live and not die
May we be
May we come
into our people
May we draw on the deeps
May we reach for the dew 
sunk in the sand
plyng the sea.
May we reach what lurks below
what drips above.
May we find the everlasting hills
the eternal mountains
that embrace.

Hold us in your arms
gathered at your feet
carrying your voice
in the nucleus of our cells.

I know
no one
but the weave that holds us together,
the everlasting arms of earth
a lone glinting spring.

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