Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Deuteronomy 27: In Writing

As you cross
As you cross

Map the earth with your foot
tread hard
tread heavy
grip like a chisels
your arrival a hammer.

Find contour in the crossing
your veins a river
your bones the stones
your breath the wind
your voice runs within
like streams
like seeds
like the veins in the stones
waiting to be freed

Every rock can speak
if you listen hard enough.
Every mountain can bear witness
to your passing.

Let the weight of being
press into soil
leave a mark
a mouth
a hollow
that cradles and demands answer.

Answer Amen
Answer I am
here. Answer
Yes; answer  in-
graved; answer, yes, a fissure
crossing the landscape

Say Yes to your blood
Say Yes to your shadow
Say Yes to sinews and muscles and bone
Say Yes to curse
say Yes to darkness
Say Yes to fractures
to caverns your cannot cross
Yes to before
Yes to after
Yes to the sea and the mountain and divide

And yes, I walk the bounds
And yes, the bounds are deep
And yes, I will gather
And yes I will bring
And yes and yes and yes.

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