Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Deuteronomy 10: In Writing

Shift through the embers
hewing stone to step,
clawing up
to ask the question:

is the stranger-lover
that pears in another’s face?
what makes me
breaks me, what
I see, copious as the sea
and more hungry,

do you ask of me?
but the moon and the skies,
but the earth and what
incubates in its warmth?
One desire, tarnished
with longing, webbing between
the prongs of your heart
to merge like honey
a sticky wake
of me in you

Answer me with
your word
and the paths spiraled
beneath your feet
and the blood in your veins
the light in your eyes
your watchful sight
your parted heart
to  not tighten at my call

and turn around

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