Friday, July 11, 2014

Leviticus: Chapter 8

At the portal
Dedicated in blood

Fill me
Clothe me in glory
Atone and consecrate
Altar and man made one

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The dedication. The link between kohen and dwelling becomes even more intense, as they are consecrated in a single ceremony. Aaron is dressed; the alter is consecrated;  Aaron's children are dressed; both are consecrated with the oil and blood from the altar, so that priest and altar become a single unit. The priests here are utterly passive, dressed and moved by Moses--just another component of the many-faceted Dwelling. The offerings are measured by "the filling of their hands": they are the measurement of the altar.
As in the case of the sin offering, the kohen stands in for the nation as a whole, brought by "the entire congregation."  
This time of dedication centers on the limen, placed between two worlds. "The whole nation" congregates "to the door"; Aaron and his sons are to be "at the doorway of the Dwelling for the Days of Filling."  We are at the transitional stage]

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