Friday, June 27, 2014

Leviticus: Chapter 1

When Man comes close,  

come with animal

Calling from the door

Come close to the door

Emanating outward,  

approaching inward 

Choose the path and come in desire

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Exodus closes with God's Presence descending on the Tent of Meeting. Now the Tend of Meeting is active, and God "calls" to Moses from within. This first communication shares some of the elements of the creation of the Dwelling: a focus on the liminal space of the "doorway"; an interaction of human choice and desire (ratzon) and God's definitive command. The key word is korban/karov "to come close". The repeated phrases are the anaphora "if from x is his offering"--highlighting the space for choice--and the closing refrain "for a pleasing fragrance to God"--highlighting the relationship.
But there is also a change of ambiance and tone. From speaking of "men" and "women" (ish, isha, nashim), we have moved to the primordial name of the species--Adam, human, earth creature: "if an adam should bring an offering." If in Exodus, the offerings were of creativity,  human-as-artist, here the offerings are of blood and guts, human as animal, The Dwelling, once activated, seems to call to the most primal elements of humanity. Echoing in the background is Abel's first offering of "firstborn sheep," which were accepted]

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