Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Genesis 50: In Writing

We fall
down, down, down
fronting gaping guilt

To be carried
Up, over, through

fall on your face
crags and crevice
of absence
sink in the weight of weeping
How can we carry the past?

the salt flow
bears you down the river
and up from here

I sink in a box
in a pit, in loss
reduced to essence

Can we return
a heavy camp
laden with years?
carry our load
carry our blame
 Come and come back?

I birth the future on my knees
can’t stand in place
just let the salt waves carry me
down, down

There will come a time of calling
of deeds enduring
unfurling down the road

 promise to carry me
bear the weight of account
what was sent down
must be brought up

hear my call
raise your hand
take mine

bring me forth from hence

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