Monday, March 24, 2014

Genesis 44: In Writing

“Why have you exchanged evil  for good?”
How can you exchange at all?

The isolated moment
we perish, each alone
the hidden escapes
the stranglehold

Let me go
for morning comes
and ghosts scatter
with the coming day

I will not let you go
but follow
night shadow
into the gaping hole
at soul-center
the agony that beckons
I will not let you go
without a name

the moment of acceptance
sans struggle
or healing wound
first born
last chosen

stand in place
my life for yours
dark-hued core
pulsing love

there is only one
we are the periphery
the fading edge

step in, bring the beloved
not be
so they can be

What to say?
What to do?
What to justify?
The blood screams from the earth
Swallows my cries

No good, no evil
futility of possession
I cannot be present in your face
Can only make him present

I am the proxy
soul bound to soul
enwrapped in both
unseen binder
that at last looks into your face

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