Sunday, March 23, 2014

Genesis 43: In Writing

He said to his father
“Send the youth with me

that flickered  movement
agile and free

We will get up
And walk

after the
deep plunge
try to rise

And not die

ropes of loss
of death
of hollows
of names not called
things not ours
dead that don’t rise
to return
when seeds  sprout

I am his bond
Seek him from my hand

deeper than possession
That demand: 
to whom
with whom
what have you done?

deeper than desire
never escaped
the shadows cast by days
darkening each way
I am the repository of the asking
seek from my  grasping fist,
prized open

If I do not bring him to you
Present him to your face

in a place sans profit
where gain hollows in sacks
face you
swallowed in his presence
and say
I will no longer

sin to you

All of the days

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