Thursday, September 28, 2017

Joshua 1: In writing

Hold me tight
as I hold on to you

seeing you in 
the palm of my hand
the sole of my feet
I fit my foot to your footstep
disappearing over the plane
winding up the mountain.
Can I be you—
You, whose loss is path I cannot trace
I search for your face
that saw face to face
while I see reflections 
in the murmuring waters
separating between us
you carried between rushing reeds
you carried over the deeps
as I wait at the bottom
listening to a distant roar
till you appear
face a beacon
as the distant mountaintop
how can you be quenched and dark
how can I rise
and take what you never got
barred at the river.

Do not leave me

as I get up to leave you.

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