Monday, November 30, 2015

Deuteronomy 26: In Writing

Gather the given.
Let it swell
full globed and weighty,
let it fall in your palm
like a heart
like a fist.
Can you carry it
without spaces
cracking between your fingers?
Can you carry it,
Can you leave it
have I spoken?

Listen to the sound of my voice,
the fall of my call,
I say you today
and you are here
and you say me
and I am here,
full to bursting
like a pod 
heavy with seed

Swallow the seeds
like the earth
like the water
feel roots shoot
and take hold
round your heart
that spurts and bursts

 Like that first day
when I first felt flesh break
the juice spurt
It was good on the tongue
and burned going down
and I felt my skin  turn translucent
till I wrapped it with words
with leaves
stripped the trees
to cover me, cover me, cover me quick.

And now I ask,
If both our voices wander
on the heat of the day
can we bloom in the space between?

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