Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exodus: Chapter 7

There will be blood
When all the hidden
Wells to the surface

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Transformations and marks, as reality becomes permeable, changeable.
Moses will be a 'god/power' to Pharaoh, Aaron will be his prophet, in this multi-layered world where God taken on multiple names. A chain of speech, from God, to Moses, to Aaron.
The staff "changes" things from one thing to another, as Moses returns to the liminal banks of the river where he was found as a child. The baby who was "hidden" now exposes the loss of the generation of drowned children. The waters of Egypt become blood in a graphic literal image of the genocidal crime. The very stones and trees drip blood.
If the foremen of Israel had feared that Moses "had spoiled (hevashta) our smell with Pharaoh, to give him a sword to kill us," the very waters of Egypt now rot (va-yivash), as the moral rot rises to the surface]

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