Monday, April 7, 2014

Exodus 3: In Writing

To see and be seen
fire-flicker in the wild
pulsing to the silent beat of the heart
Take of your shoes
Stand naked on holiness
Can one call-called
And be unconsumed?


Eternity in change
burning but uneaten
blazing but still
seen in disguise

I will be
as I was
my name
in generation

turn to see
and see you looking
cover your face
for fear of sight

through water and flame
I am here
 the pressure bearing down

What is a name
to be what will be
the force that bears you
the eternity in your ear
I am your past
the names you've spoken
the words you know
the inner silence
the carrying hand
the arching arm

I am
what always was
what makes you here

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