Friday, March 7, 2014

Genesis: Chapter 29

Absolute place
to local place

as time twists on itself
and the vertical axes goes down

angels and women

(For the full text of the chapter, click here
There is a dreamlike continuity between Jacob's dream, and his arrival in Haran. The introductory anaphora of " behold"; the stone beneath his head is  transformed into the stone that seals the well; the focus on place, here transformed into a local, specific placement rather than "the place"; the repeated word "return"--to return home, to return  the stone to its proper place; the focus on day and its ending--the day disappearing, the day is yet high. The scene has a surreal quality of bringing the dream into the real world. Dream-like, people begin to transform one into the other--"Behold [Rachel] is Leah", and the time frames melt one into the other. Jacob's arrival echoes Eliezer's; his crying echoes Esau's...)

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