Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Genesis 33: In Writing

I ran to you
away from you

crossed, and crossed, and crossed again
through mornings and nights
through frost and heat
greetings and partings
predator pray
love an hate

I reduced myself to a bare branch
to find you bubbling within me
in doubled faces
twinned wives
 river reflections
murmurs in the night
dreams that refuse to sleep

I separate my parts
in ruthless order
stark clarity of a linear path

your arm on my thigh
my hand on your heel
forever entwined in a twisted circle

I sent my face towards you
and found yours coming to greet me

Begged your eyes
touched your lips
till you gave me what was mine
and I had all

and your face went on before me
you to your path
mine to mine
and I felt the spaces open up
between us
before us

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