Saturday, February 8, 2014

Genesis 3: In Writing

You said I was taken
a bone from your bone
you said I was given
a flesh to your flesh

I heard a voice
speak to me
and found my voice
to answer

chime and counterchime
a rustling in the trees
neither taken
nor given
changed at each turn
world made and remade

I see my hand reach
the glow of its skin
move my fingers
feel them take form

close them and now I take
hand it out
now I am the one that gives

Felt it squirt between my teeth
felt it trail down my throat
till its warmth settled in my belly
a glowing ember
my own small sun

you ate it in a quick gobble
and ran, hiding, to the trees
I held it within
my own small garden
that moved where I went

you spat it out
and now are hungry, hungry
always starving for food
I am filled
with it inside me
till the slow agony when I must
push out
the full form of ingested knowlege

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