Thursday, February 27, 2014

Genesis 22: In Writing

This chapter is haunting.
We have the first call by name, followed by the first use of the word "love."

...and He said "Abraham"
and he said "here I am"
and He said: Take please your son
your only
whom you love
and go for you to the land of Moria
and offer him up as an ascension offering on one of the hills that I will tell you (Genesis 22: 1-2)

Don't know where to begin with the writing. So am just going to let it go in a somewhat formless series of musings:

How long till the discovery of love?
We have knowledge, deep and intimate
but love is born at the moment of loss
at the edge of being
where things teeter on nothingness

Eros and thanatos
I love you as I lose you
You become forever
at the moment that you are also not-mine


You call my name
and I am here
fully present 
within your gaze

can I be here without you
be father without you son
we are here
at the edges of being
where my hand reaches forth
to take what is not mine
in the terrible grasping
from which only one returns

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