Monday, February 17, 2014

A disclaimer....

I'm coming face to face with the most difficult part of committing to a blog. It's not the need to have it posted each day (at least not at this point, when I still have a huge backlog of images...)
No, it's the making it public. It's one thing to make a drawing a day, regardless of if your ill, or your hand hurts, or you're not in the mood, or the muse won't come, when they will only be seen by you. It's easier to say then--it's a way of studying, a response to the text, it will not always be a good drawing.
It's another thing to send these half formed tadpoles to swim the deep internet waters.
I find I have to steel myself to press "post" when a part of me would much rather take a pencil and start over again.
So this is my way of girding my loins. A chapter a day, no redoing. Accept what it is and move on.

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